REcycle THe GAme

Posted: 11/04/2010 in Videos

Finally the “recycle the game” is on line I hope you like it!!

Plz rate and comment if you like it or not!!:)

  1. Stef says:

    Stam fovero re dn exei xanavgei kati tetoio!!! trelh idea!!Daxei trelo ekei pou pas shop k pairneis skate apo leyterh!! :D :D :D. Aplws sthn arxh me ta statistika twn riders hthela na dw k tetsi me 7 asteria sto kadilli :D :D

  2. Gerald Staltner says:

    Hello Stam! Very nice video! The video game features are a cool idea ;-). The action is amazing as always. Greetings to Teo (Nice sails :-) and very good moves!) and the rest of the team!
    Keep rippinĀ“,

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