Efpt Sigri 3style

Posted: 08/15/2012 in News
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We just came back from Sigri Efpt last weekent!

It was not my favorite event with 5.2 conditions..

The gust sometimes was ok for 5.2 sometimes really really light!

At the first single i advanced against Adams Sims and i lost against Youp Schmit i really enjoy it cause i had really good heat!

At the double i had a really bad heat against young gun Pluss and i lost!

The second single start better for me!I was against Max Matisek!I had a really solid heat and i advanched !

At the sesond round i was against good friend Adrian Beholtz! I had not my best heat and Adrian send me to the beach.

The spot at Sigri is a really good spot but if you compare it with Naxos …….


1.Davy Scheffers
2.Youp Schmit
3.Andrian Beholtz
4.Adraz Zan

7.Stam Promponas

13.Teo Bathrelos
13. Stefanos Damianos


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