Rental & Prices

Brand new 2013 Tabou boards and Gaastra – Vandal Sails waiting for you!


Beginner  Advanced Equipment Insurance* Storage & Security
1 hour 20€ 25€  5€
2 hours 25€ 35€  7€
4 hours 30€ 45€ 8€
1 day 55€ 10€ 10€
2 days 100€ 18€
1weeks 230€ 40€ 45€
2weeks 370€ 75€                 85€
3weeks 460€  120€                125€
* Equipment Insurance covers damages up to a level. Total destruction or loss of equipment due to bad practice or due to not following our crew advice will be fully compensated.Insurance does not cover fins damages

Rental by 2:

2 People – 1 Board & 1 Sail*
1 hour 40€
4 hours 70€
1 day 95€
With “Rental by 2” rental we give the opportunity to two friends to share the same equipment
*Advanced Equipment


We offer lessons for beginners, intermediates and advanced windsurfers.
Beginner* Intermediate** Advanced***
Tester 30′ 20€
1 hour 40€ 40€ 45€
6 hours 140€ 170€ 170€
* Beginner lessons are done with specialized beginner equipment. Learn the basic theory and safety issues. At the end of the course you will be an independent rider, knowing how to tak and jibe, going upwind, beach start and returning at the same place.
** Intermediate lessons are considered a step up lesson, you will learn to water start, how use the harness, getting in the foot straps, planing for the first time and blasting upwind. Here your confidence is built up to advance to the next level. Intermediate lessons are private.
*** Advanced: Jibes, Fast Tacks, Chop Hop, Jumping, Freestyle Tricks. Advanced lessons are private.
When you book a lesson we provide free equipment usage after the lesson so you can practice. (upon availability)
Kids under 10 have a special discount.




Tabou – Sup
1 hour 10€
3 hours 18€
1 day 28€

Transfer from and to the port 30€

With all the above services, we hope that we cover all  your needs. But if you need something else please don’t hesitate to contact with us!!!
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