Name: Promponas Stamatis
Nick Name: Spro
Sail Number: gre 393
Weight: 79kg
Height: 1.82m
D.O.B.: 06.05.1981
Favorite move: shove it spock, burner
Favorite magazine: Dropin
Favorite food: traditional greek food
Wind surf since: 1996
Hobbies: skateboard & pc’s
Pets: My dog ‘raper’
Favorite spots: Laguna beach park
Music: House,hip hop
Sponsors: QuikSilver,Maui Ultra fins
People you like to sail with: Vedalia,Bill,Alex, Kwsta,Spockdoc,Tsapes,Tsitsi,Elrik,Teo
Worst moments lately: when i injured myself
Best moments lately: Agiaso side shore conditions and 15th at PWA  fuerteventura 2010
Goals for 2013: competing in Efpt and pwa and having fun with my friends!