Should see

Since you made the right choice and you chose our island for your vacation, take a pencil and a paper to note some of the sightseeing of our island that you must not neglect to see after the “windsurf session” in Laguna Beach Park!


In Chora there is the impressive monument, “emblem” of our island, Portara (meaning Huge Door) as the locals have always called it because of the huge size and shape of it. Portara is located on the side of the port on the small island of Vakxos which is today called “Palatia”. This monument used to be the giant gate of the temple of Apollo which was built on the 6th century B.C.. According to mythology, Theseas abandoned Ariadne on the “Palatia” where Dionysos and his escort found her and kidnapped her. This is where “Dionysia” was feasted for the first time according to tradition.

You definitely don’t want to lose the sunset from this spot which is magical and a unique experience.


Next destination is the Castle dominating above Chora, which was built by Markos Sanudos, a Venetian Conqueror.


Agios Prokopios for relaxing swimming with your family is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and you certainly want to visit it.   Walking in the inner part of the island,

Agios Promponas

Kouros, Iria and the ancient findings close to Agios Arsenios is a must for the sightseeing worshipers.


Above Castle”…an ancient stronghold for those who adore hiking!!!

A small church in the rock behind the Castle of Vazeos.


Relaxing diving in Pyrgaki…the morphology of the grand is helpful for fun relaxing diving from different heights.

The traditional olive press in Damalas will fascinate you.

Filoti, the biggest and one of the most beautiful villages in Cyclades will draw your attention as it suddenly appears before your eyes.

The Fountain of Aria and the cave of Zas.



Zas with 1004 meters height is the highest mountain in Cyclades with pure atmosphere and a unique view.

Apiranthos, another beautiful village, worth visiting.


Mines of emery, remind of Indiana Jones movies…worth visiting.



Moutsouna, a beautiful small port with delightful fresh fish.


Psilli Ammos is also a wonderful beach, with endless sand hills.

Apollonas, the northernmost village of Naxos where you will find the huge lied down Kouros (ancient Greek statue).