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Nice editing by Phivo Tsoupra  showing how your summer holidays can be at Naxos Island….


Back to 2001

Posted: 10/13/2013 in Videos
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I found some  old action back to 2001 !!!
Enjoy at 2.00′  vuclan first try of my life!



Andreas and Julia spent a couple of great days at Naxos lagoon this summer!!!

Julia captured the  pictures during sunset session!!!

Thank you and see you next summer!!


Shaka flaka rejump at  Laguna  Naxos island !!!

camera man was trying to protect the videocamera from the water…

Interesting footage with the help of quad helicopter for the next video!

Perfect windy days during September!!!

The eighteen  years old twins Aris & Paul Kostandinidis just finish the school!
They are super motivated to learn every trick!

Enjoy 45” raw footage with 4.8 front of laguna beach park!

Some action at Laguna Beach Park by a good friend Alex from his morning session with 4.8 and brand new nove nove 2014!!


Laguna beach park




Willy skipper


willy skipper till the end..


shovit spock


his girlfriend