Enjoy the Laguna beach park Promo video for the upcoming season!


Our friend and pilot john koukouzis makes us proud with beautiful footage!

Sails 4.8

Song Cafe Del Mar & Chill Out Lounge Mix Vol. 2

Drepano Raw Footage

Posted: 02/28/2014 in News
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Winter..400km..4.8 full power.. 16c.. with friends..

The Laguna Beach Park and the beautiful island of Naxos will help you to LIVE every moment of your windsurf holiday, to LOVE every minute of it and to LAUGH all the time!!

All you need for your holidays!


Shaka flaka rejump at  Laguna  Naxos island !!!

camera man was trying to protect the videocamera from the water…

Here is the latest video by frulite on the go enjoy !!!

We are all good friends and we push each other!!